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Sean Stroehle, JD, Life & Health License

Sean Stroehle, JD, Life & Health License

TFRA Strategist

Sean is motivated by the challenge of client goals and finds meaning in facilitating a client solution. Sean’s insight into actuarial analytics and keen ability to address tax and legal issues are the fundamental building blocks that drive his planning approach. In order to fulfill his clients’ goals, he has assembled a team of investment and actuarial specialists whose teamwork helps him deliver trusted guidance targeted to client needs backed by hard data rather than relying on hope.

Sean’s ability to spot planning issues, identify opportunities, and implement planning focused on client success is the reason people seek his counsel.

We all know that life happens whether or not a plan is in place. Like a Carolina hurricane, a lack of planning leaves you exposed, battered, and subject to the unexpected winds of change; whereas, a plan not only provides shelter but a strong footing to purposefully respond to the aftermath.

Sean's specific areas of focus are Premium Finance, Executive Bonus Plans, and Life Insurance Retirement Planning (LIRP) for high net worth clients.

If your ultimate goal is to learn specific strategies and really understand your finances then you will definitely benefit from Sean’s knowledge and passion.

When Sean is not busy solving complex client problems, he unwinds with woodworking projects, mountain biking at the Whitewater Center, and playing fetch with his dogs Porter and Rye.

Sean is not Securites Licensed and as such not affiliated with Woodbury Financial Services.

*Sean is not registered with Woodbury Financial Services, Inc.