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Estate Planning

The Mythology of Estate Planning

Estate Planning for many clients appears mysterious, when really it is quite simple. We have already set up a plan for your retirement, so we know how your assets will be used when you stop working. Estate Planning is simply planning for the point in time where you will leave those assets to heirs, or perhaps have difficulty in managing your affairs on your own, and need some assistance. Having a plan now can save countless hours, dollars, and stress for those that you care about most.

I have incorporated estate planning into my practice because I feel that it is an area where many clients have difficulty in finding someone they trust.

This is why I earned the CES [Certified Estate & Trust Specialist] designation. I felt it was important for us to gain the specialized knowledge that would enable clients to work with us to plan confidently. Less than 1% of the financial services community has this designation. As a holder of the CES credential we strive to live up to the Code of Ethics while providing affordable and comprehensive estate planning options.

The steps to this process are simple

  1. Discuss your particular situation develop a general overview of your needs.
  2. Develop recommendations for titling and structure of assets to facilitate plan.
  3. Ensure that you have the proper documentation for a comprehensive estate plan.

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1) Developing a well constructed Estate Plan is Expensive.

2) I already have a will, so I am all set.

3) Estate Planning is only about planning for when you die.


1) Developing a well constructed estate plan can be simple and very affordable. Not having one can cost your heirs and loved ones thousands.

2) Having a Will is a direct path to Probate that can increase administration and fees for processing the estate. Having a plan can avoid countless headaches for your loved ones.

3) Estate Planning also encompasses planning for diminished capacity or disability.

Estate Management Checklist

Estate Management Checklist

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And the Executor Is

And the Executor Is

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