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Advanced Planning Roadmaps

Advanced Planning Roadmaps

Advanced Planning Roadmaps

Advanced Planning requires training, knowledge, and the desire for professionals to really go the extra mile to create favorable outcomes for clients. Where other advisors shy away, we love advanced planning.  Why because it's all about solving problems, and we find the challenge exciting. Below are some of the problems that we know people face.  Take the first step and click the link below to schedule a 15-minute conversation.  It can't hurt to ask, and we love to teach people how to map out these strategies.

Sale of Highly Appreciated Assets

Over the years we have heard stories of situations where a lack of planning in advance of a sale cost substantial taxes.  This applies to Company Stock, Real Estate, Businesses, etc.  There are more strategies to solve this problem than can fit on this page. The important part is planning ahead.   Because in many cases once the transaction has already happened, it's a little like putting toothpaste back in the tube. Let's have a conversation about how to head these sorts of things off in the pass.

Select Business Owner Strategies

There are a host of acronyms out there.  It's an alphabet soup of numbers and letters, but how are these strategies really designed to maximize benefits to you?  Employee retention is a great buzzword, but how do you measure that in comparison to plan cost?  We can show you proven strategies that can help benefit you as a business owner. 

Tax Reduction through Charitable Giving

Most people's concept of charitable giving is about the here and now.  Write a check today, feel good.  What about a legacy of giving?  This does not mean you need to give it all away either.  What many don't realize are they already have a charitable giving plan in place.  They are slated to give to one of the largest non-profit entities on the planet.  The US Government!  Maybe you would rather your legacy be given somewhere else instead and at a substantial benefit to you and your heirs.  It's probably worth a conversation. 

Staged Roth Conversions

Countless times we have heard people complain that they did a ROTH Conversion and it was the worst mistake ever.  Typically they read online that this is a good idea, and they proceeded to convert $300,000-$500,000 all in one shot. A result, they wind up in the highest tax bracket they have ever been in.  Staged Roth Conversions is a process where we examine income with the help of a tax professional and we try to convert without leaving your current bracket. It takes longer to convert, but it prevents us from spiking the ball in the wrong tax endzone!

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Eric’s story starts out in 2003 when he decided to take his analytical skills, boyish good looks, and dry sarcastic humor, and embark on an adventure in Financial Services. Eric left his original career in Mechanical Engineering...

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Sean is motivated by the challenge of client goals and finds meaning in facilitating a client solution. Sean’s insight into actuarial analytics and keen ability to address tax and legal issues are the fundamental building blocks...

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